Post Production Equipment for Hire
AVID Media Composer ver7.1 Dual Screen

AVR3-77 offline/online

Capture from BetaSP/DVCPro/DV/Hi-8/DVcam/DV/VHS. After Effects Earshot SFX Libary (support)

(Decks must be booked before edit to guarentee availability)

Final Cut Pro ver.4 Dual Screen

DV/DVcam Native online 8hrs storage, Matrox Board for capturing from analog sources with deck control ie. BetaSP, useful for offline work as EDL's can be transferred to AVID. After Effects/Photoshop/Illustrator /Livetype/ Soundtrack/Cleaner /Toast/ cinema 4D/ DVD studio pro ver2 (support)

MultiMedia Suite FCPro ver.4/ After Effects/ Photoshop /Illustrator /Livetype/ Soundtrack/Cleaner /Toast / dreamweaver mx/ dvd studio pro ver2 (support) £120.00
Deck Hire decks to dry hire: BetaSP/DVCPRO/DVCam £100.00
Editors Various editors, all with broadcast credits and experience. £130.00

Effects Graphics


After Effects/Photoshop/Illustrator / cinema 4D/Cleaner /dreamweaver mx/ dvd studio pro ver2
£15.00 per hour