A Detail of History - MFV returns to the theme of the highly successful 'Once We Were Numbers' documentary, to produce an hour long film featuring the life story of a Holocaust survivor. Imagine being in a work camp at the age of 11, in Auschwitz at the age of 14. Currently in production, shooting in Poland.



PSS Sefton Young Carers - MFV are working with a group of young carers to make a video about their group. The group aged 8 to 14 have directed every aspect of the film from script, production, filming, music and edit. The film will be distributed to young carers who have not yet joined. Currently in post-production.



Hotel Redux - animation based on the BBC 'Hotel' Docusoap, in collaboration with FACT and artist Otto Berchem. Working with a group of youngsters from Artskills to help sustain creative industries in the region - this light hearted cartoon follows the staff and guests at the Annual Rubber Studies Conference. Showcased at the FACT cinemas.



First Light Films - MFV were proud to have been involved with 3 x 10 minute films working with young people across the North West in 2003. 'The Net' is a story about Anna - a young girl who thinks she has met the man of her dreams, but life is not as it first appears. "What Goes Around' tells us to beware our bad deeds in case they come back to haunt us and 'Report' is a nightmarish vision of the worst school report ever.



The 'Professional Practice Development Programme' has now entered its third year. MFV provides tailor made training and mentouring to individuals wishing to improve specific areas of their work ie; advanced AVID Editing, producing, directing, camera operation, script editing, business set-up/management etc. So far 15 succesful applicants have been through the programme, each now actively working within their chosen field, a great acheievment for all parties. Because each programme is tailor made, we are able to target the specific areas that the individual needs to improve on providing a very comprehensive yet totally useful course. Here follows feedback from some of the programe participants:

"I feel my 'employability' has increased by 100% as a result!"

"Incedibly useful, a graet insight to broadcast editing"

"I also had 'hands-on' training at directing a full-scale music video"

"The business support I recieved was invaluble in setting up my own production company"

"To me, being able to see the whole process through was enormously important"

".... the patient, knowledgeable and helpful tuition from the MFV staff"

MFV is currently seeking additional funding so we can continue to run this very successful programme in the future

Keep a eye out for more opportunities at MFV over the coming months.