NWV Bursary Films @ MFV

MFV has been involved with a number of the NWV bursary's, but has produced two. Below is an outline of the films







'BREATHE' ......................

'Breathe' directed by Samantha Harrie - an emerging writer/directer, is a 5min fictional short, produced using MFV cameras/grip and Post Production Facilities.

'Breathe tells the story of Kelly, a bored and irritable teenage girl, trapped indoors by homework on a Sunday afternoon. Sharing a bedroom with her elderly grandmother is at the centre of Kelly's teenage discontent and the sleeping old woman becomes the target of Kelly's resentment.

'Breathe' has already been shown at numourous film festivals to great acclaim, no less so than at the Edinburgh Festival at the end of last year. Samantha Harrie has produced a beautifully stunning yet subtle short, which if you have chance to see, will be very much enjoyed.


'COLD SHOWER'.............

'Cold Shower' is the second film Andy Smith has written and directed at MFV, the first one being of our bursary films two years ago. Andy has now moved onto his first fictional film again produced using MFV cameras/grip and Post Production facilities.

'Cold Shower' is a interesting blend of comedy and horror, teaching you to never trust your plumbing again. The film was an ambitous project for the budget given, but has been completed brilliantly. Between the set design, camera work, sound post and direction, this is a must see for all who like a chill. Andy Smith has moved seamlessly from documentary to fiction with a film that anyone can enjoy.



MFV has also completed various title sequences, dubs and online edits for a number of other Virgin Shorts produced through NWV. MFV is proud to be involved with these projects at any level, the support of new film makers being high on our agenda, providing a high quality service at resonable rates. Over half the films shown at FACT's Liverpool screening events have been made with some sort of support from MFV. This is a great result and we only hope we can continue to provide these services to film makers not only in Liverpool, but right across the region.